The Cyanide Pills

The Cyanide Pills may just be the finest band in the world.

“A gang of c***s from a desolate land.”

40 years of punk?  If you must but this is punk in 2016. The high energy, power pop escapist fun element of punk. All skinny jeans & t shirts, day-glo colours and an explosion of in your face noise best served up front and personal.

Cyanide 4Think Buzzcocks, Generation X, The Boys and you won’t go far wrong.

The band came together from the remnants of various groups in their native Leeds way back in 2008. Incredible to believe they’ve been going that long but although they’re still relatively unknown in the UK they regularly play sold out shows & festivals across Europe.

The band have released 2 albums and a number of singles. The majority on coloured vinyl (a throwback to the late seventies when everything seemed to be released in a variety of coloured plastic) the majority on the superb Damaged Goods label.

Currently working on their 3rd album the band play a limited number of shows ahead of the summer festival season and return to Stockton after going down a storm after supporting Penetration back in 2014.

Extremely limited tickets for this unique show – don’t hang around.

Cyanide Pills kick out a spirited Brit-punk rave-up like nobody’s business” – Vive Le Rock

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