Evil Blizzard At The Georgian Sat 24th October

EVIL BLIZZARD @ GEORGIAN THEATRE 24.10.15-21 EVIL BLIZZARD @ GEORGIAN THEATRE 24.10.15-25 EVIL BLIZZARD @ GEORGIAN THEATRE 24.10.15-32EVIL BLIZZARD @ GEORGIAN THEATRE 24.10.15-31  EVIL BLIZZARD @ GEORGIAN THEATRE 24.10.15-47 EVIL BLIZZARD @ GEORGIAN THEATRE 24.10.15-87 EVIL BLIZZARD @ GEORGIAN THEATRE 24.10.15-106A selection of fine photos by Pete Fannen  (PJF Images) from Saturdays wonderful Evil Blizzard show at The Georgian Theatre.

Pretty sure that everyone in the (unexpectedly) large crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Also pretty sure that there are not many bands with a singing drummer & 4 bass players who can make a noise quite as exhilerating as that we heard on Saturday.

Big shout out to First Process Church Of Mars as well who were quite splendid as well.

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