Graham Day & The Forefathers

The first new show of 2016 has been confirmed and will provide a rare opportunity to see the legendary Graham Day & The Forefathers

The Prisoners formed while all the members were still at school. After a couple of false starts, singer/guitarist Graham Day and bassist Allan Crockford were joined by Johnny Symons on drums and later Jamie Taylor on organ. Brought together by a love of punk rock and its 60s garage-rock antecedents, they quickly built a reputation as a ferocious live act.

The band split in 1986 after four albums and the sadly inevitable music-industry-induced agony, but the Day/Crockford partnership didn’t stay dormant for long. After a stint as drummer for the Mighty Caesars with Chatham’s very own Renaissance man Billy Childish, Graham Day was re-joined by his old partner in 1989, along with ex-Daggerman Wolf Howard on drums, and formed the Prime Movers but the band called it a day in 1993.

Meanwhile interest in The Prisoners legacy was growing and following the first CD re-releases of the band’s original albums, they were persuaded to reform for occasional gigs.A one-off single followed, but when an attempt to record more new Prisoners material foundered, Graham was left with a batch of unrecorded new songs and no band to play them.

After recording with various line ups a number of albums were released throughout the late nineties and onward the exciting news of 2013 was the reformation of the Day/Crockford/Howard trio as Graham Day & The Forefathers and are unashamedly pumping out the best material from all the line-ups, including the Prisoners, with an uncompromising verve and energy, undiminished from their earliest days.

Graham Day & The Forefathers perform at Stockton’s Georgian Theatre on Saturday 5th March 2016 – tickets are available from the venue & on line now.

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