The Monochrome Set

The Monochrome Set+Fallen Leaves+Pellethead4Gotta love The Monochrome Set. They were there right at the start of punk but were never part of the 3 chord thrash brigade. Fast, melodic music, witty lyrics – whats not to like? I first saw them at a Freshers Ball at Durham University which thanks to the extensive gig guide on the bands web site I know to have taken place on the 14th February 1981. Fair to say the Freshers were somewhat bemused as the few of us who were there to actually see the band, rather than ponce about playing students, bounced around in front of the stage. Back stage afterwards the band were most gracious in allowing us to help them see off the rider!

The Monochrome Set way back

and now

I’d be happy paying £10 to see The Monochrome Set but for that you not only get a fine local support band by the name of Pellethead but you also get The Fallen Leaves.

Their long-held belief that a good idea played badly is better than a bad idea played well, spurred them into action.  Here’s a good idea played rather well actually.


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