The Dustaphonics

the Dustaphonics - Copyright-Roger HartThe Dustaphonics are not easily categorised, including elements of soul music, garage rock ‘n’ roll, surf guitar, classic R&B, and a touch of punk rock, it’s a melting pot boiled down to a dynamic groove that includes high energy party stompers, cultish down tempo bar sleaze, to smouldering surf-guitar instrumentals. It can be the perfect original Tarantino’s soundtrack.

This diversity is also reflected in the London band’s cosmopolitan make-up, English singer Hayley Red, led by French-Spanish guitarist, producer and DJ, Yvan Serrano-Fontova (DJ Healer Selecta), Italians, Eric Frajria on drums and Devid Dell’ Aiera on bass.

The Dustaphonics-Will Drum     (33)

The Dustaphonics are a good example that when something works, then there’s no need to change it. It all started around 2008 when Tura Satana, lush favorite actress of  filmmaker Russ Meyer and star of the cult classic Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, met London based French producer Yvan Serrano-Fontova and invited him to compose the soundtrack for her next film.

DJ Healer Selecta is the brain of the project, but the voice and body is Hayley Red added for the best result to the great rhythm section formed by Eric Frajria, Devid Dell’Aiera and Serrano-Fontova.

The Dustaphonics are the UK backing band of an other legendary US actor/musician mister Dan Aykroyd’s from The Blues Brothers/Ghostbusters.

The band are playing regular shows in London’s famous rock’n’roll and soul music venues such as the 100 club, Jazz Café, European and festival stages such as Latitude Festival, opening for Wanda Jackson, James Hunter, Kid Congo.

Basically – if this band don’t move you in some way shape or form then call an ambulance!

See them live at The Cluny2 on October 16th – tickets here

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