That’s It For 2014!

The Band Of Holy Joy ably supported by Gary Chaplin as Quarterlight rounded off this years shows with a stellar performance on Saturday night in The Westgarth on Southfeld Road Middlesbrough.

As ever the sound was spot on and the atmosphere convivial. Slightly strange music from the record decks in between bands as the DJ had a bit of a mishap with his laptop & wasn’t able to provide any tunes but none the less it was still cool.

Johny Brown (vocalist with Band Of Holy Joy) and Gary Chaplin (ex guitarist with Penetration) spilled a few stories of early Rock Garden days & both are really nice fellas. I love promoting gigs like this when the bands are really down to earth and easy to get along with. Musically they were both fantastic and this gig is in contention for a spot in the best gigs of the year list.

It was a disappointing turn out but given how much is going on in the Boro at the moment and the proximity to Xmas it wasn’t totally unexpected but it would have been nice to have had a few more in but c’est la vie – it was still hugely enjoyable.

It’s highly likely The Band Of Holy Joy will return in the new year – either as headline act again or perhaps as part of a surprising double bill. Hopefully the latter but we’ll have to wait & see!!


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