Jah Wobble – Nov 14th Georgian Theatre

Really sorry but due to unexpected events the Jah Wobble show has had to be cancelled. There are no plans to reschedule the show.

All online ticket sales will automatically be refunded (including booking fees) & refunds for all other sales are available from point of purchase.

One thought on “Jah Wobble – Nov 14th Georgian Theatre

  1. Just to clarify the position with regard to this show – unfortunately due to low advanced ticket sales,no sign of sales picking up and faced with big overheads it was just not feasible to go ahead with the show and therefore I cancelled.

    Jah Wobble has decided to hire the venue himself and go ahead with the show. Clearly he has more faith in his ability to sell tickets for the gig and is obviously not faced with the same financial commitments that I had.

    Tickets can be bought on line http://teesmusicalliance.org.uk/live-events/jah-wobbles-invaders-heart and I sincerely hope he gets a decent turn out.

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