Spear of Destiny

The morning after Kate Bush in London it was an early start and the first train back home. No time to sample any of the pleasures of our capital city on this visit. The joys of promoting meant I needed to hot foot it back home and get ready for the return of Spear of Destiny to The Georgian Theatre  for what was kirk Brandon’s 7th in Stockton in recent years in various guises.

By the time I got to the venue the band & crew were already there & setting up. It second nature to them now. They know where everything is & just get on with it. They’re a real pleasure to deal with. The band and all the crew are great, really professional and as usual they were all set up and sound checked well on time.

King Mojo were tonight’s support band and they went down really well with the crowd who had all piled in early filling the hall up which was great to see.

Spear of Destiny came on stage bang on time for what was the opening night of the tour to promote the bands new album “31” which is an absolute cracker. Up there with all the Spear classics.

IMG_4821IMG_5050Keyboards have been added to the traditional touring line up and that fleshed the sound out and added a new twist to things.70 minutes later after a great set featuring selected tracks from the new album along side all the traditional SOD/TOH classics the show was over. As ever the band are only too willing to come out and meet people, sign autographs and pose for pictures – Kirks on the wagon at the moment and looking a lot better for it. He looked really well and sounded great. A far cry from the first visit when he was taken ill at the show and then spent 3 months in James Cook hospital.

No doubt at some point in the future Kirk will return for another show. Whether that’s as Spear Of Destiny, solo or (hopefully) Theatre Of Hate we’ll have to wait and see!

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