Kate Bush

Earlier this month I travelled down to London to see one of Kate Bush’s shows at the Hammersmith Apollo. I won’t claim to be a massive fan or overly familiar with quite a lot of her album material & I knew it wasn’t going to be a Greatest Hits type show so it was almost with a sense of trepidation we approached the gig.

kate-bush-before-the-dawn-london-2014-billboard-650The event it self was almost like a theatrical production than a live music show and with a running time of almost 3 hours it was at times quite heavy going especially being unfamiliar with a lot of the songs. Having said that it was still a great evening. The sound was fantastic and it was great seeing someone of her stature in such a relatively small venue.

Stand out moments were the more well known songs, Hounds Of Love, Running Up That Hill & Cloudbusting. Having said that the Helicopter sequence during the Ninth Wave was pretty special as well.

One other thing of note which was really enjoyable was the lack of people taking photos. Kate had requested that people leave their cameras at home and not use phones either. It was great to see people watching and enjoying the show without holding up phones in the air and watching via a view finder.

My personal favourite Kate Bush song

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