Part Time Rock Star…..

…..Full Time Legend!

Pete Wylie is a mercurial talent. He has produced some of the finest songs of any of those who came out of the Punk revolution. Leader of the band variously known as Wah!, Wah! Heat, Shambeko Say Wah! & The Mighty Wah! and has written some classic songs, Better Scream, Seven Minutes To Midnight, Remember, Story of The Blues, Hope, Sinful. The list is almost endless.

A gregarious character, a fearless defender of the under dog Wylie has never been scared to voice an opinion or stand up for those that needed some back. A long time supporter of MOJO (the Miscarriages Of justice Organisation) and as a big Liverpool supporter he has fearlessly supported the Justice For the 96 campaign.

Never afraid to be controversial he released the anti Thatcher song “The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies” in 2010 – it’s as good as anything he’s ever done in my book!

Live shows have become less and less frequent over the years. A real shame as Wylie puts on a great show. I remember seeing him at Leeds Uni in the early Eighties and he was great, incredibly loud as I recall!!!

He toured with Kirk Brandon, Mike Peters & Glen Matlock as Dead Men Walking. Performing acoustic versions of each others songs and covers of various classics. Since then apart from the occasional show live performances have been few & far between so it’s really exciting that Pete is embarking on his “Singing Songs & Tellin’ Tales” tour this Autumn

As a long term fan I’m especially pleased to be able to bring the show to Stockton’s Georgian Theatre on Sat 29th November – it promises to be a great night.

Pete Wylie A6

Tickets available here


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