Punk Rock For Gentlemen

2 excellent support bands for the Vic Godard & Subway Sect show at the Westgarth on Sept 20th.

From London The Fallen Leaves. Rob Symmons was a founder member of the original Subway Sect and is a guitarist in the Wilko Johnson mode. Rob Green is the vocalist who cut his teeth at Bernie Rhodes legendary Club Left.

Their long-held belief that a good idea played badly is better than a bad idea played well, spurred them into action.


The Fallen Leaves hatred of one another is intense. But it is out of this creative conflict that pop music played with passion rather than precision is born.

Also on the bill are Teesside’s very own Pellethead – Frantic guitar strummery; whacky lead guitar lines stemming from the two-note solos of the late 70’s (think of the Buzzcock’s Boredom); manic bass melody; thumping drums that thoroughly shock-wave the entire kit. The inevitable Fall comparison is not unfair, but there’s far more fun in Pellethead than that curmudgeonly Mark E Smith bloke could ever deliver. Songs are about “real life” (whatever that is). Social observation of phenomena like “Paddy Badway” and Middlesbrough FC’s “Defending too deep”. The set wraps up with a consummate “wall of noise” collapse.


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