Catch Up Time!

For various reasons which (a) you don’t need to know & (b) you’re probably not bothered about anyway it’s been a bit quiet here lately so time for a catch up.

Since The Monochrome Set show last month the Pauline Murray show has sold out. I went to see her play in Durham the other night. The venue was an old cinema in Durham which has been converted to a Launderette and is surprisingly called The Old Cinema Launderette It was surreal to be sat feet away from Pauline as she sat in front of a row of washing machines and sang to us with just her acoustic guitar and no microphones. It’s something that doesn’t come easy to her but the quality of the songs (and the singer!) shone through. I’m really looking forward to Thursdays show in The Green Room.

After Pauline Murray the next shows are the Ian McNabb gigs at the Star & Shadow in Newcastle on Wed 27th  and then back in The Green Room on Thurs 28th.

Lots of info Ian’s home page here and tickets are available here.

That’s all the Minus Me shows for this year but I’ll also be putting on my Rock Garden Revisited promoters hat for 2 shows in December. The first one on Dec 7th features 999 and this is now sold out. The second show will be the final Rock Garden Revisited event and we’re going out with a bang as we bring you Theatre Of Hate – tickets are starting to run down and are available here .

And last but not least – I’ve finally managed to confirm the second support band for next years Penetration show and really pleased to confirm that it’s The Cyanide Pills Young, loud and snotty, they’re fantastic live and not to be missed. Penetration, The Cyanide Pills & Rexine  – 3 great bands equals one great night in the making.

Tickets for Penetration (& all other shows) available from here and here as well.

More ramblings soon!

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