Scant Regard

Last Friday night I put my Rock Garden Revisited promoters hat on along with Steve Harland and we brought Scant Regard to the Green Room.

Scant Regard is Will Crewdson who plays blinding guitar over various loops and sound affects. Will has played guitar with Rachel Stamp, Adam Ant, Bow Wow Wow amongst many others and is now joining up with Flesh For Lulu.

Original support band Weird Shapes had to pull out very late in the day and were replaced by Steve Cooke who opened up proceedings before Scant Regard played.

The turn out was disappointingly low (many thanks to those that turn up by the way, much appreciated) and you do wonder sometimes what you have to do to draw people in.

The show was well publicised but I guess the unknown quantity of the act put some people off. The turn out for the following days Counterfest show would suggest that people would rather spend their money watching tribute bands than exciting innovative new acts.

Makes you wonder why you bother sometimes!

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