The Fallen Leaves

The Fallen Leaves are fantastic! There, I’ve said it now so I’d better explain.

Spurred on by the belief that a good idea played badly is better than a bad idea played well The Fallen Leaves play what has been loosely described as “Garage Rock” although the term “Punk Rock For Gentlemen” could be considered more appropriate!

Featuring ex Club Left vocalist Rob Green, original Subway Sect guitarist Rob Symmons with Mathew karass on bass and William Lewington on drums the band have been on the go since 2004 and released their 3rd album If Only We’d known this year to critical acclaim.

Usually just playing live around the London area and at their monthly residency at the 12 Bar Club they built up a great reputation playing “pop music with precision”

They’ve been tempted North to do an Autumn tour (get it! Autumn, Fall(ing)en Leaves!) playing just 2 shows. The first on October 11th at The Cluny 2 supported by Los Coyote men & The Exes followed by a trip down to Stockton the following night to play The Green Room supported by Johnny Seven & Alistair Sheering.

(I should make clear the Newcastle show is a Minus Me Promotion where as the Stockton show is a Rock Garden Revisited show – a technicality I know but best to make these things clear!)

Tickets are available here and here

Robs Green & Symmons


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